About A&U Medical Billing Solutions

A&U Medical Billing Solutions (AUMBS) is a medical billing services company primarily serving the NY, NJ, CT - Tri-State area.

With over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare and Medical Consulting, we are committed to exceed our clients’ insurance and patient billing requirements. Offering a diverse medical billing services portfolio, we will meet the medical billing requirements of any practice, regardless of specialty or size.

AUMBS is always current with industry changes. Specifically, we stay on top of ever-changing insurance carriers’ reimbursement policies, ensuring that clients are properly and fairly compensated.

AUMBS is a compliant medical billing services organization, as per OIG and HIPAA regulations, and a member of the American Medical Billing Association and the American Academy of Professional Coders.

AUMBS' aggressive investments in proven technological and human resources have yielded a robust business model, as well as an improved medical billing process. The results are faster and accurate insurance payments, much improved cash flow, and outstanding customer service. Furthermore, overall efficiencies allow our medical billing services offering to be highly competitive resulting in additional value to clients, as compared to other industry organizations.