Saving you money

  • Reduce Accounts Receivables by 50-70% by accelerating insurance reimbursements via electronic filing.
  • Increase Cash Flow with consistent, dependable & reliable, DAILY claim filing.
  • Increase Income by 3-5% through timely follow-up and tracking procedures.
  • No hardware, software, communication, maintenance or training costs.
  • No experienced personnel Costs. One full time person usually required for in-house billing.
  • No social security/Medicare tax on wages.
  • No employee benefits costs (vacation, holiday, illness, leave of absence, health insurance).
  • No employee turn-over and rehiring costs.
  • No supply costs (HCFA Forms, Patient Statement, Envelopes, Stamps, Print Supplies, Toner, Phone Calls charges, etc.).

Saving you time:

  • No more paperwork of filling headaches.
  • No more follow-up on claims and claims status.
  • No more time spent on claim error resolution and re-files.
  • No training time.
  • No downtime from equipment failures, data loss or time spent on coordination repair.
  • No time spent on generating & mailing HCA forms and patient statements.
  • No interruptions and time spent on patient billing calls and questions.